Personal Characteristics of an Excellent Administrator

An excellent school administrator is an instructional leader with strong ethics, dynamic personality, and unyielding commitment to students.  In pursuit of excellence, I strive to be an exceptional listener, adept at assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a diversity of individuals, programs, and processes.  I then take the information and various perspectives, and utilize it for the purpose of improving instruction and learning to meet the mission of the school and individual needs of the students.

The most essential function of an educational institution is to provide for each learner’s optimal academic, emotional, physical, and civic growth.  Objective and ongoing dialogue among all constituents promotes collaboration, and creates a school culture where the focus of everyone is to enrich the school’s learning environment.

An excellent administrator empowers others to accomplish their responsibilities in a manner, which enhances the individual and collective growth of the school population.  A school administrator must strive to complete his/her responsibilities in accordance with the laws of the community, basing decisions on common sense and morality, while keeping the student at the focal point.


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