Role of Technology in the Classroom and Curriculum

Technology is a combination of an ever-growing array of tools affecting all aspects of modern day life and making the world and beyond accessible to human beings at close to the speed of light. Its role in the classroom and the curriculum taught is extremely vital as its attraction for our youth is ever increasing.  In order to integrate technology in to the lessons taught, use of “Liquid Crystal Display” (LCD) projectors, personal computers with appropriate hard and soft ware, smart boards, access to the web, and other such tools, is necessary.  The technological devices for remedial, diagnostic, graphing, animation, and other such  programs coupled with various tools such as sensors, probes, and world wide web access have the ability to enrich curriculum so that a diversity of learners benefit optimally

Use of technology, must be connected to what is going on in the real world, so we must teach our students respectful, responsible, and effective ways to use technology in the classrooms, hallways, and in their local and global communities. Our technology programs must offer transferable skills such as word processing, ability to access information, and other related tasks. Technology programs must also provide the learner with thinking and communication skills such as logic through programming, desktop publishing, video and animations, and others. Finally investigating and utilizing upcoming tools such as “Skype”, “Virtual High school”, “electron microscopes”, and connection to array of space based devices  could expand our classroom globally, as well as opening the mysteries of the universe for our learners.


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