Support for Staff while Holding Them Accountable

During my twelve years as a school administrator, I took care not to loose sight of triumphs and trials I had as a classroom teacher.  My experience coupled with my willfulness to interact effectively with all constituents of a school’s population, enable me to objectively and judicially deal with all personnel and student matters.  My professional practice of visibility and continuous dialogue with students and staff during the school day make me approachable, as well as provide me with an ongoing status of individual behaviors and their effects.

As an administrator, I adhere to high standards of conduct, and expect the same of my staff.  I require all staff members to model behaviors and implement the practices prescribed by school’s mission and its universal expectations.  The first step toward meeting these standards is to recognize that we are all human beings with common basic needs of acceptance and fulfillment, therefore so I am very respectful and accommodating of these personal needs.  From previous experiences, I know that reassurance and understanding can greatly foster working relationships, and can yield significant results in commitment, effectiveness, and productivity.   The support I provide for my staff is genuine, and my expectations are firm. Staff members must be able to meet the requirements of the job or seek supports available when needed.

I am able to follow an adequately designed supervision and evaluation plan with the foresight of an experienced educational leader.  It is also essential that I pursue professional development opportunities for my staff and myself as these experiences enhance my ability as the leader of the school, as well as the ability of the staff to contribute positively to the school.  Effective professional development, coupled with school-based celebrations, bring a staff together in a meaningful manner to solidify the bonds of trust and teamwork.

Finally, it is our job as the staff to provide for optimal learning for all of our students.  To ensure that all staff is successfully engaged in educating our youth, I formally and informally provide feedback about classroom management and instructional materials and methods.  As I am a strong believer of a team approach, and I work relentlessly to provide personal and professional support for all staff to create an effective team of adults who facilitate an optimal educational journey for all students.


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